Questions: Answered

Frequently Asked and Answered Questions about Triangle Fly Fishers


Q: How do I join Triangle Fly Fishers?

A: Triangle Fly Fishers (TFF) is a chapter of Trout Unlimited.  Joining TU ($35 / year) automatically makes you a member of your local chapter, and if you reside within the boundaries of our chapter, your local chapter is TFF.  Follow this link to become a member of TU:

Q: How do I know whether or not I reside within TFF 'territory'?

A: Visit TU's chapter map here:

Q: What if I reside outside of TFF's territory but still want to be a member of TFF?

A: Contact TU national and let them know you'd like to be a member of our chapter instead of your local chapter!

Meetings & Events

Q: Where do you post your calendar of online and in-person meetings and events?

A: Triangle Fly Fishers uses Meetup for our calendar and event notifications.  All are welcome to join our Meetup group, whether or not they are a Trout Unlimited member, and it only requires a free account at and then joining our group at  TFF generally meets on the last Monday of each month, but there are exceptions to avoid conflicts with Memorial Day and the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.

Q: Where can I find recordings of TFF's online guide presentations and meetings?

A: On our home page, in our 'Presentations' section.  Feel free to browse, there are dozens of recordings containing a wealth of information.

Mailing Lists / Electronic Communications

Q: Why am I not receiving emails from Triangle Fly Fishers?

A: Triangle Fly Fishers communicates to our members by way of two mailing lists:

Fly Fishing Opportunities

Q: I recently moved to North Carolina and/or the Triangle.  Where can I go fishing?  

A: North Carolina presents loads of opportunities for fly fishing in cool mountain streams for trout, warm water rivers and lakes for largemouth bass, white bass, carp and other species, coastal rivers for anadromous species such as striped bass and shad, inshore saltwater fishing for red drum and speckled trout and even offshore fishing for false albacore.  Visit our 'Fishing Map' on our home page which is dotted with ideas and links to local access, guides, outfitters and other resources.  This map maintained by the NCWRC is also a fantastic resource:

New Fly Anglers

Q: I'm new to fly angling or a little bit fly-curious.  Where can I get started?

A: We suggest reaching out to local outfitters such as Orvis in Raleigh and Great Outdoor Provision Company with two locations in the Triangle.  Both businesses offer basic fly fishing and casting instruction and help with gear selection and purchase.   Another amazing and FREE resource here in NC is the NCWRC's John E. Pechmann Fishing Education Center in Fayetteville.   They offer fly casting, fly fishing and fly tying classes at many levels.  Check out their schedule!

Clearwater Lake

Q: I've heard that Clearwater Lake is stocked with trout in the wintertime.  How can I access the lake and fish for trout?

A: The YMCA of Chapel Hill-Carborro owns Clearwater Lake and stocks it late each October with trout and maintains it throughout the winter as a catch-and-release fishery.  Triangle Fly Fishers sells "slots" to fish the lake.  Subscribe to our Meetup group (See info above) to be notified of stocking and how to purchase slots at the lake.